Glad that you’re here. The idea of starting a personal blog isn’t new to me.

See, I have been in the world of blogging for quite some time — more than 6 Years. I have seen the show-off of newbie CEOs, the dawn and dusk of professional bloggers and the success of some passionate and strategic people. All along the line, I tried to stay at the safe side — being a Freelance Content Writer. I was like, if I’m getting paid for writing, what else should I care?

So, as I was receiving new project requests and connections via Facebook and LinkedIn, I didn’t give a darn about having a personal blog and driving the visitors into using my services. Then came the issue of internal conflict, where I was being forced to write for a living. Being a professional Content Writer is tough, trust me. You will have to write a lot of things that your politics and stance don’t consent you to.

I figured, a personal blog would be the right answer for that conflict. I ain’t anyone who would inspire you to become a content writer. I’d even say that it’s a boring job if you don’t have that every-single-day enthusiasm to write something journalistic. You are writing no poems, you know. Well, this blog, I thought, would be the perfect place where I can write all sorts of random stuff — no, no poems, though!

Here, you may see me ranting about how the country is becoming a mess of communal forces and hatred or what I think about all the worries regarding the dawn of a tech-focused world. Although not a developer or geek, I see myself familiar with the world of consumer electronics. You might also see me sharing some of my reviews or tips that I find useful, every single day.


Abhijith N Arjunan